Socialism is inevitable. Socialism is what is to come after the fall of capitalism as capitalism is not sustainable without a growing population to meet it’s growing demands. Socialism protects the working class from poverty by ensuring every worker has the human right to a home fit for their family needs, food, medical care, internet, publicly owned utilities and the erasure of alienation, bigotry, white supremacy from the hearts and minds of the proletariat through education and solidarity on the local, national, and international level.

Communism is the reduction of society from capitalism to pre-colonial governance. This includes being a cashless, money-less society governed by the the working class. In both Socialism and Communism the power of Democracy rests wholly with the proletariat and erasing imperialist ideas from our minds, to include the inevitable erasure of national boundary lines that do nothing but create class hierarchy internationally.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels worked hand in hand to write “The Communist Manifesto”, the basis of what is known as Marxism. Marx is a well studied economist and a major contributor to the study of sociology with his “Conflict Theory” that states division happens when members of a poverty stricken society are pitted against one another for limited resources caused by the ruling class unquenchable thirst for consumption of money, property and power.

Not presently, however we serve many of the same functions as a political party in that we endorse socialist candidates running for all levels of public office. We are a membership driven organization powered by our dues paying members. Any are free to join us and treat us as their political affiliation. Presently we are aligned with the Democratic Party with multiple Democratic Socialists elected through the Democratic Party with some running as independents.

Sure! The working class is any member of the work force that is not part of the bargaining power, or executive power, of a corporation. These positions include businesses executives, corporate board members and managers as these positions are not authorized to join a Union. The working class also does not include law enforcement personnel as these individuals are revenue agents for the state that take hard earned money from the proletariat to line their pockets. We regard veterans as manipulated members of the working class, however we do not support wars that are fought for profit and not in defense of the innocent population. We desire global solidarity and world peace.

That depends. If your platform aligns with our Democratic Socialist values and you are willing to run as a Democratic Socialist and be held to a high standard of integrity then you are welcome to send us a message to schedule a meeting for endorsement. Endorsement is not guaranteed, however for the right candidate we can provide electoral support. For this election cycle we are interested in interviewing individuals that are interested in running for local school boards. If this sounds appealing to you feel free to send us a message to get the conversation started!

Sure! When we say international solidarity we are referring to the working class of the world. We desire world peace and a system that supports life globally. As we struggle in our fight of civil rights, equity and socialism here in the US, we see the proletariat around the world in the same light. Our support for human existence doesn’t stop an international border. We do not ask for nor accept foreign intervention, nor do we provide it. If we wish to stand in solidarity with an issue internationally that decision is made democratically as an organization, not at the request of a foreign agent. This includes the transfer of goods or funds. We are in compliance with the FARA (Foreign Agent Registration) Act and all of our communications and actions are through our constitutionally protected freedom of speech as an organization.

A socialist party would, in effect, be a party bound only for their desire for a better world for all regardless of political affiliation, religion, social or economic status, race, etc.. Socialism is true democracy in practice where all are represented and receive exactly what they need for a quality life free from struggle. the party would function like any other party would from committee work to running candidates in elections. A socialist party would oppose any bill, politician, organization, idea or even a fellow comrade that would do anything to cause harm to their fellow human. Socialism, like any growing political philosophy, it takes time to grow and get right. The party would be made up of educated, talented and hard working people who want to see their hard work make a difference for the betterment of all humankind rather than the individual profits of the 1%